Who Am I


My name is Catherine! I’m 25 years old and currently residing in Canada where I was born in Toronto, Ontario. I work in the healthcare field and proudly considered self-employed. I have a filthy mouth and I’m usually compared to a sailor :). I don’t care though! This is me! Take it or leave it!. I’ll understand if you leave.

I’d like to think that I’m considered funny 🙂 I’ve been told this before. (This is probably bullshit though, people lie too much these days!)

If there is one thing I can tell you about me that you will end up learning for yourselves reading my crap, I’m extremely random and easily amused. Guilty.

I presently still live with my parents which blows monkey testicles. Financially not stable yet to make the big leap into the big-wide-world. So, lets cut to the chase shall we? I bet your asking, “What is this chicks deal?” IF you didn’t ask, it’s because you probably don’t care, which is expected. Well this; my Y and double X chromosomes, is a place for me to let loose, be myself, and most importantly, be judged by total strangers who probably don’t give a *gasp*… Bunnies?