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This weekend we saw “Alive,” “Crazy In Love” and “The Comebacks.”

Completely loved “Alive,” cannibalism and all. Made me think twice about wanting to live where there are 12 or 15 feet of snow, particularly the avalanche scene. Favorite movie of all. I could definitely eat people if it meant staying alive. It didn’t seem quite as gross to me as I thought it should. But I really loved these rugby team boys and maybe the fact that I wanted them to eat it and survive was part of that.

“Crazy In Love,” holy shit, now that’s my kind of freaky love story. Guy blinds woman with lye (actually he pays someone else to do it), then she marries him after he spends time in prison. They actually play themselves in the movie, kind of a documentary.

Great, great, great. Lots of photos of the Bronx, home movies from the 40’s and 50’s. And some fantastic eyeglasses on the hot chick. Well, she’s not so hot any more, since she’s now disfigured and old. But she carries it off really extremely well.

“The Comebacks” is rather moronic. But then I already knew that when my husband brought it home. He has an “Airplane/Three Stooges” sense of humor. Sigh.

Then today we saw “27 Dresses”. Loved this chick flick. A few tears were shed, which is absolutely necessary to make it a stand-out film. One of the best singing & dancing on the bar scenes ever, made me want to get drunk and head for the nearest hole in the wall.

I was very frustrated as the female lead refused to speak up for herself. I just don’t know how realistic it is to suggest that someone could be that completely unselfish. The tension built until I was ready to scream at the screen.

More movies are in my nearby future. I seem to be in a bit of a funk and movies take me somewhere else. Why do I want to be somewhere else? I have no freaking idea.

Although I must add that today it appeared the universe was hitting me over the head with the message that I can only be as happy as I choose to be. If I admit to being in a funk, it will only become more funkadelic.

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