How to win the lottery. Tips from mathematicians

We all wondered how to win the lottery, but what we would do with the lotto millions! Some would buy the car they dream of, the villa with the pool they see in movies or the neighbors, or they would travel all over the world. Others would help others in need. For this, however, some luck is needed. However, mathematicians say that luck is made by the man with his hand, being almost certain that you can greatly increase your chances of winning with the help of mathematics.

How to win the lottery – that’s the secret
Renato Gianella, a Brazilian mathematician, says we can find the winning numbers if we follow the same model predicted by the Law of Large Numbers. His study is called “Geometry of Luck: Lotto Numbers Follow a Predictable Model” and shows that some combinations of numbers are more likely to be extracted.

The mathematician created a site that uses a color-based model to show the most likely combinations of numbers. His research is based on previous extractions from 20 different countries around the world. Gianella says his model is applicable to any lottery, from any country. He believes that the lottery has nothing to do with luck, but with the Law of Large Numbers and probability theory. However, users who come to Gianella’s site must have a very good knowledge of mathematics in order to understand how the algorithm proposed by him works. His method is based on the previous draws from the lotteries like jogo do bicho and on the models of combinations of numbers that result from them.

The colors show all possible combinations of numbers, according to Pascal’s rule. However, the Brazilian mathematician reduced their number to just 210 combinations. The mathematician argues that it is advisable to choose the most different numbers, marked with different colors, thus increasing the chances to 2.6403%, as there are 324,000 possible combinations.

There are books written by mathematicians or even winners repeatedly at lotto games, in which various strategies are proposed. You also have – both online and offline – statistics and studies regarding the frequency of occurrence of numbers for extractions, over time.

When you choose a set of numbers to play on a ticket, help yourself with these statistics. An American player (who won 4 times the biggest prize in the same lottery) said that a strategy could be to track the numbers with the lowest frequency of occurrence, or play the numbers that were never drawn in a certain combination. So choose pair numbers that have been frequently extracted or tripled, or go for the one that was most rarely extracted – no matter what decision you make, once you have chosen a combination of numbers helping you and lotto tools, your chances of winning grow.

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