Happily Twisted

Today was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

It doesn’t take much. I’m relatively low maintenance unless you’re comparing me to someone in a coma.

Occasionally I spend time with people who need everything to be “just so,” and I feel extremely lucky that in most situations I’m perfectly comfortable just going with the flow.

As long as everyone I love stays alive, the day is golden.

My son sent me pictures from a plane ride he took around San Diego with a pilot friend. They landed safely.

My daughter made me laugh like crazy and called me names and made me swear to STFU about the silly thing she said.

My best friend called and promised to always be there. Anything that quiets my hairy fucking abandonment issues . . . . YIPPEE!

My niece and I texted back and forth about how we can torture my sister’s boyfriend at some future date and it made us both giggle with devious glee.

I made it through another day fasting and don’t feel like an overstuffed turkey for the moment.

We bowled and I maintained my 144 average and promised to bring my young friend an entire package of Nutter-Butters next week, which made him ridiculously ecstatic.

I threw a package of Thin Mints at my husband’s head when he left them sitting out and claimed I “don’t like mint,” when he very well knows I ate an entire box of the fucking things on Monday and nearly killed myself. The cookies bounced off his hand and nearly hit an 80-year old man.

I took a clover plant with a tiny leprechaun man hiding within and gave it to my favorite bowler chick. She screamed with joy, even though it only cost a dollar. She also agreed that it’s ridiculous that a man I’ve been married to for 15 years does not know I love Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and that it’s reason enough to run off to Wyoming.

Tomorrow I have two job interviews. The first is at 9 a.m. What in the hell was I thinking?

Sweet dreams, peeps.

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