Today is Eddie’s birthday. He would be 56. He died of AIDS 17 years ago. My son was named after his Uncle Eddie, his godfather.

He was so smart, and funny, and handsome, and thought-provoking. Tall, broad and hot. If he walked past you on the street, you would take a second look. Sagittarians are the best.

He was clean of drugs when he got the diagnosis, working as a counselor. His brother, his best friend, was already dead. Sometimes life seems just incredibly unfair and sad. I hope one day we will all laugh, one day when we can see the big picture, the part we don’t understand today.

His parents have lost two sons in the same way. There is no way to relieve their pain. If I could ever beg God for anything, it would be that I die before my children.

Happy Birthday, Eddie. God bless you & your parents always.

Everything else seems so minor in comparison. In the realm of priorities, nothing else counts.

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