And so it begins…

Sometimes I forget that my daughter is nearly a teenager. She’ll do something really obnoxious and I will sit there and wonder “what the hell is going on with her!!??”

Oh, that’s right……she’s 12.


My daughter did not inherit my cleaning genes. I usually just keep her bedroom door closed and pretend it doesn’t exist, but about once a month I’ll have her really clean it.

This weekend I asked her to clean her room. It was pretty bad.

About an hour later, I found her sitting on the couch watching iCarly and I peeked in her room. Yep….still a disaster.

“I thought I told you to clean your room” I said.

“Oh! Look at my calendar!” she replied.

I looked at the calendar on her wall and sure enough…she had scheduled out her cleaning. Over the next week. Today was the bed, tomorrow the laundry, the next day the floor, etc etc. She scheduled the cleaning of her 10 by 10 room over the course of a week.

AND OF COURSE she got mad at me when I said “Uhm…, I don’t think so. Just clean it all right now”.

I’m the worst mom ever.

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