3 weeks, car-free

Well, it’s been about 3 weeks since I sold the car.

I’ve discovered a few surprising things.

1) My progressive tree-hugging liberal friends are the most judgey of my choice. Who woulda thought!

2) The vast majority of my driving was not necessary and was, in fact, mostly just me being lazy or doing things because I could.

3) I do NOT need to go to Target three times a week.

4) I really actually hardly leave a five block radius of my house!

5) Being car-less has made me a little bit more tree-huggy. Walking to the grocery story makes me more apt to bring my own bags (which are more comfortable to carry home). I also bring my own cup everywhere (it sits much nicer in my bike basket than a paper cup).


It hasn’t been that hard. And I’m saving a ton of money. And at the rate I’m going I’m going to have thighs of steel by Christmas.

I’ve used ZipCar once and it was AWESOME.

I also rode the train to San Francisco and that was also awesome. But it did make me bummed I don’t live there because their ZipCar choices were WAY better than what I have here! But otherwise….the trip was one of the nicest I’ve taken.

Previously, I think I spent somewhere around $700 a month on my car payment, insurance, gas and maintenance. So far this month I’ve spent under $200 on traveling around town which included a new bike tire, train tickets and a ZipCar trip. Not too shabby.

And….my life has not changed very drastically at all. And I’m probably a little bit healthier.

I’m doin’ ok with this this whole car-less thing!

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